Our Team​

Friendly Horseman's Club runs under the purview of our Executive Committee which consists of the Officers and five (5) Directors.  The club is also highly dependent on our Standing Committee Chairpersons and volunteers.  Want to help?  Contact the appropriate Board member or Standing Committee Chair or send an email to friendlyhorsemansclub@gmail.com

Board of Directors -- 2022


President:          Zona Weaber, 717-222-6552, zaney6666@gmail.com

Vice President:   Judy Enck

Secretary:          Ashley Gesswein and Alyssa Jeffrey 

                        Ashley: gessweinac@gmail.com, 908-907-3416; 

Treasurer:          Maryanne Newswanger


Jenette Buch, 717-715-9258, jbuch@dejazzed.com

Jeff Buch

Jeanne Griswold, 717-673-4090, therealmrsg@yahoo.com

Char Rutt, 717-799-1610, clrl@ptd.net

Gerry Shoeber


Kitchen:          Candace Burkholder, 717-336-7896, daleburkholder@gmail.com

Beautifying:     Judy Enck, 717-413-2582, tiki01@ptd.net

Grounds:         Open

Show:             Allyssa Kilhefner, 612-269 8924, allyssa.armson@gmail.com

Sponsorships:  Candace Burkholder, 717-336-7896, daleburkholder@gmail.com


We love our generous volunteers, but we are always looking for more help.  Give us a shout if you are interested in finding a way you can assist the club.  Contact us at friendlyhorsemansclub@gmail.com or by contacting the appropriate person listed above.