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Patterns for a show will be posted here as they become available (typically in the week before the show).

Patterns for 6/3/2023 Fun Show 

Beginner Crossrails Class 2.jpg

Class 2_Beginner Crossrails

Hunter Hack CLass 3.jpg

Class 3_Hunter Hack

Hunter Pleasure OF.jpg

Class 4_Hunter Pleasure OF 2'

Hunter Equitation Over Fences.jpg

Class 5_Open Equitation OF 2'

Showmanship All Ages.jpg

Showmanship Classes


Equitation Walk/Trot/Jog/Canter/Lope


Equitation Walk/Trot/Jog

Miniature Jumping Class 9.jpg

Miniature Jumper Class 9

Leadline Obstacle.jpg

Leadline Obstacle Class 13

All Trail 6-3.jpg

All Trail

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